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2018 - Adsense for Youtube New Ad Monetization Rules - Small Channels

January 2018 Youtube announced changes to their Advertising rules relating to channels that show Ads... 10000 Views 4000 Hours per Year 1000 Channel Subscribers... This pretty much kills of 90% of small hardworking content creators.... or as YouTube puts it... "Though these changes will affect a significant number of channels, 99% of those affected were making less than $100 per year in the last year, with 90% earning less than $2.50 in the last month. Any of the channels who no longer meet this threshold will be paid what they’ve already earned based on our AdSense policies..." So here's the thing... We are a small channel and like almost all the other small channels we know, have a few loyal subscribers. The content created is created from passion and a willingness to make a happier positive difference... We are not going to argue if this move is good or bad and all the stuff you would see on Forbes etc... Here are the facts... Inland Finde

How To Check Youtube Analytics and Keywords to get More Video Views

How do you check Keywords and Analytics that people are typing into Youtube so that you can beef up your views... Youtube is a powerful platform to get your product out of the woods... and understanding how it functions can make a considerable difference to your views, subscribers and ranking.  Keywords that people input into Youtube search are essential to understand and Youtube makes it easier to find them using the creator studio beta.... Find the Target Keywords and include them in your video descriptions and titles... Website and Channel Used ...  Create A Startup Live Lab Staff...

How To Add an External Web Address to a Joomla 3.0 Website Template - External URL

Joomla 3.0 Webdesign and SEO ... How To Add an External Web Address to a Joomla 3.0 Website Template - External URL Add the External URL to the Menu Module and select - Type - System Links - External URL - Enter URL - Choose Target Window - Save and Close Always check the article order and check the URL by clicking it on the Front End of the Template... Website Used ...  Kwadukuza Stanger Information Live Lab Staff...

Business Logo - Make A Free Business Logo with Microsoft PowerPoint

How To Make A Free Business Logo with Microsoft Powerpoint... Perfection is Everything... Pick and Play with Various Fonts and Colours... Do Not Clutter the Layout... Add the relevant images, elements and details... It is important to check backgrounds and groupings... Save as a picture... ADD  Keywords For MetaData  ... Reinsert and crop the image to perfection... Resave using the same alias... On Other Blogs ...  How To Build A Network Of Social Media Followers Live Lab Staff...

How to Embed A Google Map in a Joomla Website Template - Joomla 2.5

How to Embed A Google Map in a Joomla Website Template - Joomla 2.5... Having a Verified Local Business on Google is one of the most important factors determining your online presence... Being Verified on Platforms like Twitter and Facebook looks very nice however the Business end is still Google...  Setup Google+ For Your Small Business  ... In order to Embed a Map in your Joomla CMS programme you need to first disable the editors... 1. Global Configuration - Editors - None 2. My Profile - Editors - None... Copy the IFRAME code and paste it in either an article or contact... Check the size and fit ... Small, Medium or Large can be selected from the source code... Live Lab Staff...

How to Check Youtube Earnings For A Monetized Channel

Adsense will as of 2018 ... Please note that early next year AdSense will no longer show YouTube metrics. The best place to see your estimated earnings and other monetization metrics is the YouTube Analytics Revenue report. How and Where to Check Youtube Earnings For A Monetized Channel...  Channels must have more than 10000 Views as well as Follow the Youtube Partner Programme Policies and Guidelines to Show Ads. Youtube is also testing the new Creator Studio Beta Layout...  Make sure you follow and comply with all the Adsense Program Policy Guidelines to prevent your account from being rejected or banned. More Search Engine Optimization Videos ... Live Lab Search Engine Optimization More Content Advertising and Marketing Videos ...  Live Lab SEO - Content Advertising and Marketing Videos. Live Lab Staff

How To Fix Error ws-37397-9 on PSN - PS4 Cant Login to PSN - Playstation Network

How To Fix Error ws-37397-9 on PSN - PS4 Cant Login to PSN - Playstation Network... Welcome Noob... This post is for the Gamers... You just got your #PSN (Playstation Network) and payed an arm for it... But you cannot connect and play online... The Error ws-37397-9 keeps popping up... Hmmm... Before you follow the internet hype which we did... Note: 1. You are not banned by the Playstation PSN Network. 2. Your IP is Not Blocked or Banned either. 3. Resetting, rebuilding the database of the Playstation 4 or your router will not work. 4. Changing your Router Settings will also Not Work. 5. Nor will breaking or throwing the console... The FIX for the Playstation 4 ws-37397-9 Error is you need to call your Internet Service Provider and Request a Static IP... Simple enough and note that you cannot do it via your router settings. It has to be done by your ISP... Playstation Network loves a Static IP and a Static IP is for Gamers... Live Lab Gaming Staf