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Free Mobile Playstore Apps to earn Free Paypal Cash

Two free apps to earn free Paypal money... All you have to do is complete tasks and play games... Redeem credits and transfer to a Paypal account... 1. Make Money 2. Money App Do not waste your time playing the big games as you may not get credits... Screenshots - Make Money App A Little bit of monkey nuts for your paypal account.... :)

How To Fix Error ws-37397-9 on PSN - PS4 Cant Login to PSN - Playstation Network

How To Fix Error ws-37397-9 on PSN - PS4 Cant Login to PSN - Playstation Network... Welcome Noob... This post is for the Gamers... You just got your #PSN (Playstation Network) and payed an arm for it... But you cannot connect and play online... The Error ws-37397-9 keeps popping up... Hmmm... Before you follow the internet hype which we did... Note: 1. You are not banned by the Playstation PSN Network. 2. Your IP is Not Blocked or Banned either. 3. Resetting, rebuilding the database of the Playstation 4 or your router will not work. 4. Changing your Router Settings will also Not Work. 5. Nor will breaking or throwing the console... The FIX for the Playstation 4 ws-37397-9 Error is you need to call your Internet Service Provider and Request a Static IP... Simple enough and note that you cannot do it via your router settings. It has to be done by your ISP... Playstation Network loves a Static IP and a Static IP is for Gamers... Live Lab Gaming Staf